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Melissa Moore We always stop here on the way home from the beach to get dinner and ice cream!

Kathy Cassidy A few years ago, my daughter and I were loving our cheeseburgers after a long day at the beach and who sits at the table next to us but Kara Wolters and her family. Introduced ourselves and I got to tell my daughter how great she was. As we were getting ready to leave, we saw a family of foxes (several kits) walking into the woods behind Harrys. Beach, UConn women's basket ball, baby foxes and the best cheeseburgers in the world. Can't have a better day than that!!

Ashley DeFeo My earliest memories of eating at Harry's was around 5 years old after every beach day. Been a loyalist for 25 years. I took my now fiancé to Harry's when we first started dating 4 years ago. But my fiancé and I now live in Rhode Island. Every time we head back to CT to see our families we make a pit stop in colchester. For two burgers fries and onion rings. No trip to CT is complete without our Harry's pit stop❤

Daryl T. Pudlo I remember the first time I went to Harry's back in the 80's. I was young and my folks took the family out to dinner.. I saw this small shack on the side of the road and we pulled in. I ordered a burger, fries and a shake. I remember not thinking much of the experience until I took my first bite of that burger.. the bite that changed my life. I had burgers before, but nothing like this. To this day, every time I visit Harry's, it takes me back to that day. That wonderful meal with my family, the memories I've had there. The fact that it hasn't changed is what I like about it. Harry's is good, old fashioned Americana.

Elizabeth Nicole My little girls first ice cream cone was from Harry's place! It's our favorite place in our little town for family dinner in the summer! Burgers and ice cream!❤

Jenna Collins I left my husband behind (sadly he was working) and grabbed the kids and dog. We went as fast as we could because we live a little further out, but who wouldn't travel somewhere that wasn't worth it? It's been an annual tradition ever since. I get the same thing EVERYTIME. Like I said, tradition is everything. Harrys kicks off the season for us and you're only so lucky to get a parking spot at this awesome place.

Kim Wallace Anderson Our family has celebrated Father's Day together at Harrys Place for years, it's our tradition.

Ally Murray My earliest memory as a toddler up until now at 36 was my fear of the bees! I would want my burger and ice cream and eat fast or run around the picnic tables!

Marilynn S Turner My earliest memory of going to Harry's was back in the 1960's with my mother, and three younger sisters. I was about eight years old, and my sisters were seven, five and two. Mom would buy two burgers with mustard, two cokes, and one order of fries. We'd usually sit at the tables along the chained link fence, eagerly waiting while she divided this rare treat amongst us. Back then, we thought we were eating a huge meal. I remember licking the ketchup off my fingers after having dipped my fries. My little sister seated happily in her stroller would gnaw on a single frie which she turned into a gooey mush. It was a simpler time and simple things made the biggest impact.

Cynthia Dodd Walls Back in the 50's it used to take 1 1/2 hours to drive from West Hartford to the beach on the back roads. We always stopped at Harry's for hamburgers, fries and a coke to break up the trip. Oh, how I looked forward to those juicy burgers on a fresh baked bun - still do! Now I have to get off the highway to drive to Harry's but my kids insist we do it every time we go to the beach. It's a family tradition!

Cynthia Plenzio One of my favorite memories of 2016!!! My boyfriend and I have been together almost 11 years and have had the privilege of being guests at Harry's Place almost every 2 weeks when you guys open until you guys close for the winter. You guys make a beach day even better! Always look forward to either a seafood dinner or a hamburger or a chili dog and a milkshake. If I had to choose a busy crowded restaurant on a summer day I would still choose Harry's. Been coming here since I was a little girl. Thank you for 29 years for me of wonderful memories and delicious food! Keep up the great work 👍🏻

Diandra Lee The best memories I have of Harry's place are not just a single one but started the day I was hired in April 2005!😜 miss u guys!!!!

Karianne Kendall-Rand For us locals, the first sighting of staff cleaning and tables and garbage cans being put out means spring is on the way!!! Annually Harry's opens on or right around my Birthday. For the past 15 years or so Harry's is my birthday dinner of choice. But memories...beginning when I was little, maybe 9, we used to walk to Harry's from way up Lebanon ave and get 3 scoop ice creams. Then as I got older, and needed to work, I got to serve 2 summers in front of the fryers and Ice Cream freezers. I also learned how to roll and pack a mean plate of burgers and the amazing way to clean a coffee pot with ice and salt! Now as an adult, I get so much joy at how excited my own two kids are when we pull into Harry's, or when they see the signs of spring as we drive by. And there is no greater feeling than walking up the counter and being greeted with a "Hello Miss. Kendall"  from John.We love Harry's. We love the "tradition" that this business has become to our family.

Fay Rusczyk I remember my parents taking us to Harrys place back in the late 60s. Back then we went thru colchester on the way to and from camping at rocky neck. This small shack on the side of the road was and still is the BEST place in Connecticut for burgers and fries. I remember my dad getting the clam strips every time we stopped. Yumm. When we started our family Harry's place was, and still is, a summer to fall trip for lunch with our grown children. They love it as much as I do and it's part of our family.

Jamie Broder Summer of 1964 : early in my career as an employee I was asked to refill the milkshake machine, right behind the Board. I got up on a stool and lost my grip on the mix and much of it spilled on me, on the board,on Ruby, but worst of all on the grill! Ruby didn't say a word but he scraped and wiped the grill until there was no trace of milkshake mix and then walked outback to let his blood pressure return to normal. Thought I'd be fired on the spot but stayed on for several more summers. 

Linda Abel How could I ever forget my favorite place in town. I have been going there for almost 70 yrs. Yum. I remember myFriends from the lake going and asking me Lin what do you want Large Onion RingAnd Lg Coffee Shake. You see I wasn't allowed to ride in A car till I was 16. If my parents New the driver. Then I met my Husband Greg Palakewitz and we dated (I could ride in his Red Corvette) And we used to go there all the time and meet his friends Then he went his way and I went mine. After my HusbandPassed away hear he came again never got married now My young sweat heart and I Are married. And we stop at Harry's and remember all the fun we had when we bothHad Brown hair

Heather Simonich Pelletier For the past 10 years we've looked forward to treating our dogs to Harry's on opening day for their first (of many!) burgers of the season!

Elizabeth Pease Harry's is our everything place. We go for dates, get some time with the family, who are going to run into and even your going to be Grandparents place. We are Harryacholics. Buzz and Liz Pease

John Hammer Love Harry's. loads of people go to fancy places for their birthday but I go to Harry's every year. A couple years ago we went on my birthday and on this particular day I picked up my cheeseburger loaded up and yanked out the toothpick.... As I go to take a huge bite the burger itself slides out right onto the ground.So I got another lol.

Caylei Rae Arnold My family has been going since Harry's earliest days. Its family tradition, so much so i drive 45 min, 1 way to enjoy a good burger. I don't think its so much about the memories I've made here but the memories that Harry's brings out of my elder loved ones. Its very special

Linda Benevento My dad owned Sparveri brothers Sausage Co. Years ago he would deliver meats to Harry's Place. I can remember my brother , myself and mom going in his big truck to make deliveries on the way to Sound View were dad did his work while we spent the day at the beach. Harry's will always be part of my wonderful memories . Their burgers, hotdogs and all their food are terrific!! Back in 1959 Harry's was just a small snack bar but we HAD to go there . Thank you HARRY'S for the wonderful memories.

Scott Mp Harry's place..fond memories playing little league in Colchester and after the game my father bought the whole team hamburgers and fries..many many yrs ago like 40 yrs ago...those were the days

Matt Caruso Favorite Harry's memories are taking Grandma Caruso for fried clams. She was always so excited.

Michael Levasseur My folks used to stop at Harry's Place with me and my brother every summer when we went down to Miscuamiqut. This was early 80's. Burgers fries and shakes. Ill always remember standing at the window watching the grill cook flip the burgers trying to guess which one was mine.


Amy Wetzler The number of stories and memories are endless. I spent 22 years of my life camping at Salem farms campground & Harry's was and still is a must in the summer! I now live in Tolland but still make the drive several times during the open season months with my family.

Meryl Smith My father grew up eating at Harry's, my grandmother grew up eating at Harry's, and I grew up eating at Harry's. It was always a special event, and we'd go to Harry's to celebrate special days, including when I graduated from RHAM.

Marie-Line Duperrois I was there in 1972 with my aunt Georgette. I came back with my cousin Fran 3 years ago and it's still so good. I am from Belgium and i hope i can come back. Wish you long life

Kathy Rottino Best memory happened some 55 years ago My husband and I were dating, we went to the Connecticut Dragway and after we stopped at Harry's for cheeseburger and fries 💘

Ranny Lata Syphers In 1951, one Friday in early June, our family was driving from Crystal Lake to Niantic for a cousin's wedding. My stomach ache was from an about to burst appendix (which we did not know at the time, I was 7). We still made our regular stop at Harry's on the way to Niantic. Got our clams, hot dogs & shakes & continued our trip. By the time we got to Niantic, was driven directly to a Dr's office & he drove us to Lawrence Memorial, where I had an emergency appendectomy. The entire wedding party came to the hospital on Saturday after the wedding. All the talk was about having to stop at Harry's! On the way home a week later, we stopped again. Still go whenever I go through Colchester. Memorable trip to say the least.

Kathy Stoneburner Cavallero Best day ever my very heavy dad on one side of picnic table and us on the other. ..we got up..he went down with table on top and him stuck! Laugh til we cried! Funniest thing ever!

Susan Tambornini Bethune Have loved Harry's since I was a small girl, more than 50 years ago. My brother and I spent weekends on my grandfather's boat on the CT river, and my aunt always went home this way, so we could make a stop for burgers and fries.

Christine Buscetto No fancy Mother's Day dinner for me - we go to Harry's for clams!

Gregory Lavoie Always stopped on the way home from the beach with Mom and Dad.. A family history place..!

Christine Chapman I've been going to Harry's in Colchester for 53 years! Every trip is a "best memory". It's a 40 minute drive one-way but well worth it. I try to get there every 1-2 weeks all season. I often bring the dog I sit for. It's a great feeling of nostalgia - taste of yummy cheeseburgers, clams, ice cream - chatting with other customers in line or at the tables. I can't wait for opening day 2017.

Ray Simpson Harry himself & Jim the Cook. God rest their souls.

Bambi McGoff Stone Going to Harry's with my mom and grandmother is something I will always remember. I have been in Colchester since 1967. We would just sit on the picnic tables after dark enjoying our food or ice cream while people watching, enjoying the summer nights.Sometimes we would sit in the car if my grandmother was not well enough to get out or it was to chilly. Both are gone now ,but Harry's place still remains for more memories to be made with family and friends. Always my first choice to eat out when they are open......

Jennifer Gregoire My now husband brought me to Harry's for my very first time in 2010 as a date and I was hooked. Best little burger stand ever ❤️. We married moved to Colchester and bought a home here last year and I have a post of Harry's where I'm Excited for spring and I can tell it's spring because Harry's is open ☺️!

Karen Vodola We love Harry's so much my husband rented a limo on our anniversary to bring us and our friends to Harry's. We pulled in and people must have thought we were celebrities. One of my favorite memories of all time.

We always brought a ball or frisbee to play catch. Now we are doing the same with our grandson. Harry's spans all generations .

Meredith Liska My best memory? It's a compilation of time spent waiting for our orders by the grill. 

First bringing each one of my boys as infants in a carrier, when the food was just for me. 

Then carrying them on my hip, loving how excited they were to watch the food cooking, ordering a hot dog and cutting it up for them. 

Then watching as they tried to see over the counter, worrying that they'd slip and split their chins open (new mom moments). 

Then each one being able to see over the counter easily and not having to cut up their food anymore. 

And now...they are taller than me, as we stand by the grill waiting for our food. 

A true lifetime of memories with my boys. Thank you, Harry's Place.

Jennifer Stover I have frequented Harry's since I was a little girl. I had to give in to my obsession and get the t-shirts! The chili cheese fries are a comfort food for me (it's probably a good thing that I don't live so close anymore). And I can't wait until opening day this year because I'm about 7 months pregnant and really craving some chili cheese fries!! ❤🍔🍦🌭❤

Kevin Crane Harry's is a timeless treasure with memories galore of good times with friends , family , girlfriends , and fabulous food ! I have made a few music videos amid the little garden in back , and have some gorgeous pictures of the grounds in full spring bloom. A wonderful place indeed.

Luke Hajdasz When I was very young, I remember sitting on the hood of our car with my mom, eating lunch, counting cars go by. I'm told there was where I learned to count to high numbers and the differences between males and models. Time spent between my mother and myself before Emma was born

Amber Bombaci Graff My best memory of Harry’s is my most recent. My dog and I met my brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew at Harry’s for dinner; continuing the family tradition of dinner at Harry’s that my grandparents started in the 1950’s.

Kelly Belanger Cuevas I remember when my mom and dad would take me and my sister to Harrys on the weekends. It was a special treat cuz Harrys had the BEST onion rings!! We moved from CT to FL in 1987 and Ive never had food as good as Harrys ever since. I miss Harrys and one day i shall return to enjoy their delicious food once again. #childhood memories. #missharrys

Laura Woods Stinney My husband and I often just take drives in the summer and would often pass Harry's place but would never see people of color. The food would smell so good and we thought about stopping but didn't want to spend our money if we were gonna feel unwelcome. Well one day we said what the heck, grabbed the grandkids and went for it. Well Thank Harrys for a pleasant and delicious experience. You have become one of our summer outings. And all the folks were so freindly......

Susan Ledbetter I started going to Harry when I was about 13 everyday after school is get 2 cheeseburgers and fries and a coke . When I became pregnant I craved it all the time and eat there most of time . When I delivered my son May 25th . Only after 5 hours of giving birth . When I left the hospital , and went. right to Harry's and still go to Harry's with my family and my grandchildren.

Sherry Lynn Going to Harry's has been a ritual in my life since my childhood in the 60's. We headed to Harry's every time we went to the beach which was almost every weekend in summer. Harry's is where we took out of state relatives and where I learned to love whole belly clams. Over 50 years later I still stop at Harry's Place on my way home from the beach and I still take out of town friends and relatives there. Opening day is always the first sign that Summer is coming just as the day it closes signifies winter has come to CT.

Maureen Coffey Curtiss My grandfather took us there summers while living in. North Westchester as a kid and I am now 71 and make it a point to have a meal there at least once a summer. Best Burgers in the world.

Rachel Menhart I have so many wonderful Harry's memories! I have lived in Colchester my entire life, and my family has been going to Harry's regularly every year. Here are a few highlights:1) When my family goes to Harry's, we even bring our own tablecloth to put down and treat it like a nice family meal, and always bring a deck of cards to play after we're finished eating. One day, we were playing UNO when a squirrel started eating a nut on a branch above us, and dropped little bits all over us! The first one landed on my mom's head and we could not stop laughing!2) I have two sisters, and my older one is married now. We wanted to have our own mini bachelorette party with just us sisters before the bigger one that evening, and decided that Harry's was the only place we wanted to go celebrate! She moved to Georgia shortly after she got married, and wanted to go to Harry's as much as she could before she left.3) My fiancé and I go to Harry's all the time. We met at Bacon Academy in Colchester, and have been going on Harry's dates since the beginning of our relationship. We've now been together for 5 years and are planning our wedding! :) All these memories feel bittersweet to me, because my family is now moving and our house has just been put up for sale. Colchester will always be my home, and I will always think fondly of Harry's and eat there whenever I am in the area! Thank you Harry's for being one of the many things that makes Colchester such a special place. <3

Dianne Bruneau Slopak On a drizzly day, in 1966, I was passing by and saw two friends eating at Harry's and offered them a ride home. That lead to my first date with my husband. We've now been married 49.5 years! Thanks Harry's Place!!

D Steven Bradstreet I have many, but here's my favorite.In Spring of '78 Harry's was opening for the season on a weekday. I was a Senior at Bacon, and my best friend Ray and I told our Typing teacher (Mrs Fedus) we were leaving at lunch period to go to Harry's and asked her if she wanted anything. She reminded us it was against school rules to leave the grounds and she would have to turn us in if we did. We drove to Harry's and ate lunch on the way back, entered class and presented Mrs Fedus with an order of Harry's fries. She smiled with appreciation, said "Well, it is Harry's, and it is opening day", placed the fries in her desk drawer and ate them quietly during class while we were typing. She never did turn us in. Very fond memories of Mrs Fedus as a teacher, but especially that day...

Kimberly Storey Rodgers My family has been coming for many many years, at least 30! Every year we visit numerous times, but we always try to come the last weekend your open for the year. We bring cake and ice cream and have a picnic table party and our whole huge family comes! A few years back my son asked his grandmother why we bring cake, she said to celebrate everyone's birthday. So my son has now named the annual outing the Everyone birthday party at Harrys! We absolutely love your food and family friendly atmosphere! We offer the rest of the cake to your employees as a thank you for being so awesome gift! Keep doing what your doing and we'll keep coming, that's a promise! And my son buys a shirt every year, our favorite is the red white and blue tye dye! Thank you Harry's!

Danielle Ferretti Oreos first "dining experience"

Rick Finkelstein Harry's is tradition. My Dad took me there when I was around 4 yrs old and my 4 yr old always wants to go to Harry's.

Brian Johnston This was a good memory. Old school Harry's crew

Bonnie Marie Klein We've been going to Harry's for years; I remember being shorter than the ordering window! Now my husband and I are pregnant with our first, due in April, and Harry's is on the way to both our parents' houses. Can't wait to bring the baby!

Mary Jane Caffyn When I was a kid, it was a great treat for us to go to the beach and when my parents would stop at Harry's Place on the way home that was just the best day ever! Now I get to treat my kids and grandkids to Harry's Place three generations strong ❤❤❤

Jenny Markiewicz Rabinowitz I worked at the Colchester Bakery part time from 1967-1972. During that time, Harry's Place bought their hamburg and hot dog rolls from the Colchester Bakery so often I would help pack their order. After working at the bakery, I would go home, freshen up and head over to Harry's Place to hang out. If I had supper at Harry's I would end up eating one of those hamburg rolls that I had packed earlier in the day!🍔 We still make a point of getting to Colchester and having a couple of meals at Harry's, or stopping there on our way through Colchester for ice cream.🍦

Dorothy Wocl Satisfies my family, my guests and ME, GOOD for the soul and belly. What else do we need ?

Corinne Clark Barney Favorite memory was a trip when I was 13. Waiting in line with my dad for the fried clams after a day in the pool. I hear my dad talking to me and the man behind us about what they are ordering, but I can only hear them as everything has gone black. I wake up to the man behind me keeping my head from hitting the pavement. I had passed out in line. Everyone at Harry's helped me out that day from keeping me calm, to calling an ambulance to helping my little brothers understand what was going on. It's my best memory because even after an ambulance ride and a lot of tests, I still got to enjoy my clam strips. Too this day it's a long running family joke!

Tammy Knowlton Going to car cruises with my dad there


Fred Pettengill Jr Drinking in the parking lot


Hollie Boucher Tenerowicz My grandmother would bring my brother, cousins and I there as a treat when we were with her at her cottage on Lake Hayward. Memories of mid-70's. My husband , brother and I have enjoyed riding our Harleys through the back road of Ma & CT to end up at Harry's Place for a burger- leg stretch and then resume back home. Mother's Days rides with my brother and our mom on the back of his bike ! Great memories.


Megan Cague My mother and father had their first picture taken together there. They just didn't know each other yet. There was a 13 year age difference. My mom was biking to pick my grandmother up food because that was her favorite place. My dad was with a gf and a friend happened to snap a picture of the couple while my mom was riding her bike in the background. :) they didn't realize until many many years later.

Jane Sherman Anello It's the 1950s: On the Sunday night return trip to Glastonbury from our summer place in Waterford, we would always stop at Harry's for a hot dog. That weekly stop still resonates today: even though I live in Wisconsin now, a stop at Harry's is always part of my trip back home to Connecticut. Stay open forever, please!

Beth Peszynski My parents go every weekend once you are open! My mom looks forward to each visit. They have been going there since the 60s and look forward to each visit! My mom has three of your tshirts 

Carolyn Murphy Annual trip to Harry's with the dogs as we patiently wait for our delicious Harry's Burgers and of course the dogs get their own too!

Jeanne Krawetzky Harry's Place was always our Start of Boating Season Sunday Celebration Dinner. Each year we'd bring the boat down to Mystic spend the weekend on the water and stop at Harry's Place on our way home Sunday with the trailer every year. It was a great family tradition that we enjoyed for almost 15 years!!! We've moved to Georgia, but make sure we stop at Harry's Place once a summer when we're back in Mystic! Have a great season! Peter Krawetzky

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